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About OUr School

Massanutten Regional Governor’s School for Environmental Science and Technology is one of the 19 Academic Year Governor’s Schools in the state of Virginia. Massanutten is operated as a joint school serving the counties of Page, Rockingham, and Shenandoah, as well as Harrisonburg City. 

Massanutten Regional Governor’s School is housed in southern Shenandoah County, located along the Interstate 81 corridor between the Blue Ridge and Alleghany Mountains. 

Our Vision

Massanutten Regional Governor’s School develops critical evaluators who can discuss, analyze, and address comprehensive human and environmental systems in an intellectual and expansive manner to foster the next generation of leaders. 

Our Mission

Massanutten Regional Governor’s School provides an integrated, collaborative, and enriched inquiry-based curriculum to highly motivated and gifted students centered around the exploration of interactions between human and environmental systems at local, regional, and global levels.

ADA Compliance Errors0
According to Policy GBA/JFHA, the Shenandoah County Public Schools prohibits sexual harassment and harassment based on sex, gender, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law. Any student or school personnel who believes he or she has been the victim of or has witnessed sexual harassment or harassment by a student, school personnel or a third party should report the alleged incident to one of the compliance officers or to any school personnel. The following persons have been designated as the contacts regarding compliance issues associated with this sexual harassment and harassment policy: Mr. David Hinegardner, Director of Administrative Services and Strategic Planning, (540) 459-6708 Linda C. Hodges, Director of Human Resources, (540) 459-6743.
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