School Curriculum

Junior Coursework

  • DE Probability and Statistics
  • DE English Language
  • DE Environmental Science I
  • DE Agro-Ecology I
  • Research/Mentorship

Senior Coursework

  • DE Calculus
  • DE American Literature / DE Creative Thinking
  • DE Environmental Science II
  • DE Agro-Ecology II
  • Research/Mentorship

Instructional Focus

At MRGS, we believe that learning should mimic the real world, thus our teachers guide our students through a curriculum that simulates real world experiences with real world expectations. Our students engage in simulations, presentations, investigations, problem-solving activities, extensive research, intensive use of technologies, and mentorships.

Much of the work that our students engage in is collaborative in nature, not competitive. Our teachers also work in collaboration to plan interdisciplinary learning activities because, in the real world, ideas and concepts are not learned or used in isolation. At least 75% of the instruction in our courses is interdisciplinary in nature and over half of the lessons are structured on the principles of problem-based learning.

LRCC Partnership

Massanutten and Laurel Ridge Community College have partnered to offer our students with the opportunity to dual enroll courses through both institutions, which enables students to earn college credits while still in high school.

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